We’re nearing the end of our first full year in business. It has been an incredible year of exploration as a new feminist enterprise, with successes both tangible and intangible. By way of reflecting on this first year, we thought we’d share some testimonials from both our members and attendees of some of our events. Enjoy!

Feminist Oasis changed how I do work by providing me a platform to build genuine relationships within my professional network and introducing me to the concept of intentionally integrating my values into my career. The community I found and personal network I built through Feminist Oasis is stronger than any professional networks I’ve attempted to build on my own or with other organizations. Feminist Oasis’ events combine education, community, and self-care into single experiences — an impactful blend of things I didn’t realize I needed in my life, but now consider a must-have!
— A.B., Feminist Oasis member

Coming here is crucial to my existence.
— JS, Feminist Book Club attendee

Coming here is crucial to my existence

I’m an early member of Feminist Oasis and have attended several events as well as many co-working sessions. As a self-employed writer and marketer, I especially enjoy the co-working sessions because I’ve had thoughtful conversations with fascinating, supportive women about our business challenges, including salary issues and doing work that’s personally and professionally satisfying. It’s been especially enlightening to hear perspectives on work and gender issues from women who aren’t Gen Xers like myself. Plus, we have fun!
— D.K., Feminist Oasis member

Feminist Oasis has been such an amazing organization for me, the value of my membership can’t be expressed in a few sentences. It has helped me align my business practices with my values, the discounts offered by membership encourage me to attend events, groups, and work sessions I would not have normally experienced. This exposure has helped me grow as an individual, use my business to drive social change and have a greater impact on the positive values in my community. I have no doubt this group is going to change our future.
—J.R., Feminist Oasis member

I have no doubt this group is going to change our future.

In a time when society equates feminism with anger and humorlessness, Feminist Oasis is truly an oasis, showing me that through positivity, community building amongst feminists and a focus on my own self-care, my outlook on my future is truly brighter and more exciting than ever before.
— J.S., Feminist Oasis member

Feminist Oasis has connected me with my community on a whole new level. Feminist Oasis has helped me think about my business in new ways and shift how I conduct business.
— A.G., Feminist Oasis member

Through Feminist Oasis, I have found a community of people that speak to my soul. I have forged friendships and new business partnerships. I have deepened my commitment to intersectional feminism and that commitment shows up daily in my work. Feminist Oasis has launched me forward in my business and personal life and I am so incredibly lucky to be part of this community where I feel supported, understood, and energized — I feel, without a doubt that, through Feminist Oasis, we can co-create the future that we want to see.
— E.L.A., Feminist Oasis member

Feminist Oasis and the #FeministsWafflesWork sessions have empowered me to the point where, when I created my own business, I was free to keep my voice true to who I am, and want to be.
— G.K., #FeministWafflesWork attendee

Testimonials for #FeministsWafflesWork

After my experience with sharing the gender and age-based struggles I was facing in my career change at a #FeministsWafflesWork session, I committed myself to opening the door for others. I do this through mentoring job-seekers of all ages, gender-identities, and backgrounds.
— L.C. — #FeministWafflesWork attendee

As always, [#FeministsWafflesWork] was a great combination of guided discussion around a relevant topic along with productive work time and connecting with new people. I always value the connections I make at Feminist Oasis coworking. I would highly recommend the coworking to anyone wanting to dip their toe into the feminist waters. Everyone is very welcoming!
— A.G., Feminist Oasis member

I always value the connections I make at [#FeministsWafflesWork].

I so enjoyed the Feminist Oasis co-working days! I’m more productive (and inspired) than working at home, particularly when work is interspersed with good conversation, exchanges of good ideas about running a business, and the chance to meet new people.
— B.T., #FeministsWafflesWork attendee

We look forward to continuing to build feminist community and explore feminist values in action in the coming year!

If you’ve been to any of our events, or explored our online resources and have a testimonial to share, please contact us!