“Feminists Get Shit Done”  — Our month of feminist coworking sessions.

During the month of March, we held nine coworking sessions/workshops. We met from 10am until 2pm every Tuesday and Thursday through the month at Teatotaller cafe in Somersworth, NH. Three of the sessions were done remotely due to blizzards, but those sessions were equally as productive. It was during the first remote session that we discovered that the Pomodoro method of working — 25 minutes of focused followed by a 5-minute break — worked really well to corral our conversations into specific times and ensure that we weren’t having TOO much fun at the expense of our productivity. I also discovered as facilitator that group activities take way longer than you think they will initially, so I cut my 6-10 discussion questions down to 3-4 per session. Every session focused around a theme or principle that related in some way to feminism, values-centric work, balance or cycles. Lots of our conversations ended up talking about finding balance of some kind (between work and life, between boundaries and flexibility, between perfectionism and approachable tasks). And we all got lots of tips and resource suggestions from each other. At lunchtime, we broke for a longer break and most times watched a brief video that touched on that day’s theme. Attendees to each session received a full recap of the session(s) they attended. Here is a sampling of those recaps, as well as some of the videos we watched in our sessions. Some of what we worked on:
  • business plans, resumes and investor plans
  • social media and email newsletter content
  • 2k words towards next novel
  • outlining and scripting for presentations and speaking engagements
  • solve a few open tickets for website development clients
  • emails and todo lists and calendar organizing
  • develop training materials for team
Some of the kind of help we wanted from each other:
  • focus, accountability
  • collective energy from the group
  • freelancing tips
  • human contact
Some of the themes we centered our workshop discussions around:
  • How is your work supporting your body and your body’s needs?
  • What is your relationship like with time?
  • How do flexibility and boundaries show up in your work and life?
  • How do you honor your personal cycles of all kinds?
  • How are your values integrated with what you do, how you do it and who you do it for?
  • What stories do you tell yourself when it comes to your projects?
Some of the tips & resources we shared on… everything: Some of the videos we watched:

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