Feminist Oasis is committed to advancing intersectional feminism. (What’s intersectional feminism?)

Feminist community

Attendees at Local Womxn 250 x 3 event for networking, feminist art appreciation & dance party

We organize to cultivate feminist community, advance systemic justice and explore sustainable models of business and community. (More about our mission and values here.)

If you are interested in exploring feminism and working towards systemic justice, please join us for an upcoming event (all are welcome to all of our events).

Through our events, action plans, workshops and field trips we strive to:

  • lift each other up
  • learn from historical visionaries and leaders
  • challenge pervasive cultural messages
  • create new ways of working and doing business

If you want to invest in building sustainable alternatives to systemic oppression, join us as a member. (More ways on how you can get involved here.)

feminist conversation

Pondering the conversation wall at Local Womxn 250 x 3

Currently, we are exploring and envisioning alongside our community how each of us can implement sustainable, equitable models in our own work.

We organize pop-up events around the Seacoast of New Hampshire and Southern Maine, asking questions at each experience to learn more about our community’s needs and how we might best support them in service of our mission.

We may explore a potential future physical home for collaboration, organizing, coworking, workshops and other programming. For now, we’re really enjoying bringing our programming into both conventional and unconventional venues around the region. (Want to offer your space for a future event, or co-create an experience with us?)

Learn more about Feminist Oasis:


feminist library

Part of our traveling feminist library of consciousness-raising books and articles

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Feminist Oasis is based on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, organizing in the greater New Hampshire and Southern Maine region. Feminist Oasis was founded and is organized by Crystal Paradis.

We look forward to collaborating and partnering with many local organizations, businesses and badass feminists. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us!