Action Plans + Response

Because we know that no feminism or oasis exists without action towards systemic justice, we publish Action Plans to provide a variety of options for our members and anyone to advance their feminism.

Pick a few things you can do this month.


Members receive a printed copy and an emailed version with easy hyperlinks. If you’d like an abbreviated a look at the most recently published Action Plan see it here:

📋 ➡️  a peek at the December 2018 Action Plan!   ⬅️ 📋

preview of 4 page action plan

📋 ➡️  a peek at the December 2018 Action Plan!   ⬅️ 📋

Members are sent a copy by mail on publication, along with supplemental materials and response cards, in a physically-mailed Action Pack, followed up with a fully hyperlinked version via email.


postcards with Feminist Oasis screen printed on them

Some postcards we screenprinted at a recent Feminist Oasis workshop, to be used as Action Plan response cards

If you received response postcards in the mail, several are pre-addressed and already stamped — but if you’d like to send us more responses via mail, our mailing address is: Feminist Oasis, PO Box 341, Somersworth, NH 03878

If you want to respond online, do so below!

Action Packs for Members

Feminist Oasis members receive a package upon publication of each bi-monthly action plan, along with some goodies and a personal letter. Here’s what December 2018’s Action Packs looked like:

Do you have a suggestion for a future action item? Please send it to us!