Feminist Oasis Code of Conduct

We invite you to come to Feminist Oasis events in a spirit of curiosity, open-mindedness and respect. We will not tolerate harassment in any form. The spirit of Feminist Oasis is co-creating and envisioning together what alternatives to white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy looks like. That means not perpetuating harmful actions or behaviors that are pervasive in our culture, or which may be “the norm” in other spaces.

Thank you for helping us protect our space and respect every person who enters it.

At a Feminist Oasis event, you agree to:

  • Respect the boundaries of other attendees. Let others opt in, don’t expect them to have to opt out.
  • Be empowered to set any communication or physical boundaries you need to.
  • Avoid aggressively pushing your own services, products or causes.
  • Respect confidentiality requests by speakers and other attendees.
  • Look out for one another — this may include offering assistance, but not speaking on behalf of others.
  • Take all responsibility for impacts of your words and actions (do not hide behind good intentions).
  • Review and follow our discussion guidelines.

These behaviors don’t belong at a Feminist Oasis event:

  • Invasion of privacy, including taking photos (or requesting selfies) of people you don’t know.
  • Sexism, homophobia, racism, ableism or behavior or language that discriminates against a group or class of people.
  • Language or actions that perpetuates stereotypes (positive or negative).
  • Comments on anyone else’s body, unless comments are expressly invited.
  • Being disruptive, drinking excessively, stalking, following or threatening anyone.
  • Abuse of power (including abuses related to position, wealth, race or gender).
  • Sexual harassment of any kind, including unwelcome sexual attention and inappropriate physical contact.

Contact us to report an incident

If, while at our event, you have been involved or have witnessed an incident that violates the Code of Conduct, please contact us to let us know immediately. Share as much information as you are comfortable and feel free to request anonymity.

Feminist Oasis’ commitment

We take all reports seriously, and will treat them with discretion and confidentiality. We reserve the right to bar any person who violates our Code of Conduct from attending Feminist Oasis events, and/or to cancel the membership of the person without refund. Thank you in advance for helping us co-create a positive environment and respecting the full personhood of everyone.