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Feminist Oasis Action Plan — December 2018

(an abbreviated peek*):

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Below is a preview from our four-page December 2018 Action Plan:

preview of 4 page action plan

Excerpt from December 2018 Action Plan

Personal Action Item


Context — We don’t know how many feminists have Wikipedia editor accounts, but we do know that in the US, only 15% of Wikipedia editors are women. This should trouble feminists of all genders. Siri, Alexa, Google and many other databases use Wikipedia as a source, effectively making Wikipedia our modern history book. As feminists, we can update Wikipedia to include a diverse range of perspectives.

Learn more about the importance of diversifying Wikipedia editing:

  • Read + Watch a variety of guides, videos, and slide decks from Art+Feminism, a campaign focused on “improving coverage of cis and transgender women, feminism and the arts on Wikipedia” to get ready to start editing: http://www.artandfeminism.org/editing-kit/
  • Read this Guardian article about the National Museum of Women in Arts’ annual edit-a-thon in DC, which has (along with the other edit-a-thon’s this annual event has inspired) helped raise the proportion of biographies about women on the English language edition of Wikipedia from 15% to 17%: http://bit.ly/NatlWomenArtsWiki
  • Consider Harvard Business Reviews’ take on why the majority of Wikipedia editors are men: http://bit.ly/HBRWikiWomen

Sign up for an account now: http://bit.ly/WikiCreateAccount  

Response: Tell us what your first edit was!

A peek at a few selected additional items from Business, Community and Government sections of our December Action Plan


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