Feminists, Waffles, Work

Join other entrepreneurs, activists and artists for our flagship workshop + coworking series, for tools on integrating feminist values into your work. Opportunities for facilitated goal-setting, focused work cycles and conversation/movement/snack breaks.


Plug into a community of feminist entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, artists, activists and others — anyone with “work” to do. Everyone — all genders — welcome!


Since this series debuted at Teatotaller, where waffles are on the menu, the Leslie-Knope-inspired “Feminists, Waffles, Work” moniker has stuck! Even when we’re at other locations that may not serve waffles, we always make sure snacks are available closeby!


Our typical format is: a 45-minute feminist entrepreneurship workshop exploring sustainable models of work, followed by 3-ish hours of focused Pomodoro-style work/break cycles. In addition to getting work done, you’ll also build your network and benefit from collective brainstorming.

bonus ingredients: personal resilience-building + community-building

We create space at the beginning for you to choose how you want to define your “work” today, space in the breaks for optional chatting, and dedicate some space at the end to raise any issues you’d like us to help you collectively brainstorm around.

(The Feminist) Agenda

a typical schedule (3.5-hour session)
  • Group intros, community agreements, work goal-setting, (15 minutes)
  • Workshop: rotating topics (30 minutes)
  • 5 Pomodoro Work Cycles (25-min of focused work + 5-min stretch/snack/hydrate/convo break)
  • Session debrief + group brainstorming (15 minutes)

Previously covered topics in our coworking sessions include: setting boundaries/expectations at work, integrating inclusive language into our business messaging, making our work accessible to folks with disabilities, learning about historic leaders and relating their principles to our work, considering your body and its needs in your work, decolonizing our hierarchical work structures, thinking about our personal cycles and relationship with time, and much, much more.

Sometimes our workshops are hands-on activities, other times they are brainstorming exercises or conversation points. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram Stories and/or Twitter and/or Facebook event for each session if you want an advance tip on a week’s topic! We also have a theme every month that each weekly topic relates to.

You’ll get more information on our monthly themes if you’re subscribed to our email list: http://eepurl.com/dkLeIP

After my experience with sharing the gender and age-based struggles I was facing in my career change at a #FeministsWafflesWork session, I committed myself to opening the door for others. I do this through mentoring job-seekers of all ages, gender-identities, and backgrounds.

— L.C.

#FeministWafflesWork attendee, networker + job seeker

As always, [#FeministsWafflesWork] was a great combination of guided discussion around a relevant topic along with productive work time and connecting with new people. I always value the connections I make at Feminist Oasis coworking. I would highly recommend the coworking to anyone wanting to dip their toe into the feminist waters. Everyone is very welcoming!

— A.G.

#FeministWafflesWork attendee, web developer + co-worker

I so enjoyed the Feminist Oasis co-working days! I’m more productive (and inspired) than working at home, particularly when work is interspersed with good conversation, exchanges of good ideas about running a business, and the chance to meet new people.

— B.T.

#FeministWafflesWork attendee, consultant + systems change facilitator

Upcoming #FeministsWafflesWork sessions:

If monetary cost is prohibitive but you’d like to attend, please email us at hello@feministoasis.com and we will find a way that works for you participate. We are super into trade economy, bartering and other forms of alternative value exchange.

If you have any accessibility requests, please email us at hello@feministoasis.com

Our Host Partners:

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