We were so lucky to meet Amelia Hruby last October on her swing through New England for her podcast, Fifty Feminist States. We sat down and recorded a conversation for the New Hampshire episode, and also got to hang out with Amelia, She even joined us for Feminists, Waffles, Work the next day before she headed to her next destination.

Fifty Feminist States is an incredible way to get to know the US — through a lens almost never used: feminist activism! You probably need to hear about the activism going on all over the country right now, right?

Fifty Feminist States podcast

Please listen to this episode and let us know what you think! In addition to chatting about Feminist Oasis, we also talked about New Hampshire politics (#nhpolitics) and a bit of my background that led me into “values-centric work.”

Enjoy! (And welcome to your new fav podcast!)

More at: fiftyfeministstates.com