Bring feminist insight to your marketing materials, manuals or online assets by hiring Feminist Oasis to audit your messaging or advise on policies, practices and educational materials.

Align your messaging and policies with your organization’s values of diversity and inclusion, or get a feminist perspective on resources to turn to for more information.

  • Inclusive Messaging Audit — Bring us in to update your organization’s messaging, from employee handbook to social media bios, with inclusive language. Audits can be high-level to inform a new project, or comprehensive to review and update existing materials.
  • Feminist Resource Advising — Get recommendations on resources you can use to inform deeper feminist knowledge on specific issue areas or practices. Advising can take the form of having us participate in a single meeting or session, in-person or virtual, or be a multi-step process complete with a report of written recommendations.

How we show up for audits and advising:

Part of Feminist Oasis’ mission is to advance systemic justice with an intersectional feminist approach. Sharing our expertise and knowledge of resources with businesses and organizations who share this goal is one way we can advance our mission.

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  • Inclusive and Intersectional — Our feminism is rooted in a commitment to inclusivity — that means equality for all genders — and intersectionality, which means we recognize the additional ways that discrimination is felt for people of color, trans folks, people with nonbinary gender identification, people with disabilities, folks with marginalized mental health conditions, etc. We bring this lens to all of our consulting work.
  • Acknowledge Limitations — We are deeply committed to advancing intersectional feminism, and acknowledge our own privilege and limitations. We bring a combination of personal experiences and familiarity with a broader network of resources that is but one step in a long-term commitment to systemic justice.
  • Practice Shine Theory — Coined by Ann Friedman + Aminatou Sow, “Shine Theory” is the philosophy of “I don’t shine if you don’t shine,” or the practice of lifting up your feminist colleagues, celebrating their successes and crediting them where credit due! Wherever possible, we share resources from others, give clear and direct credit to them and share ways to support their work.
  • Yes, And! — While we may have our own perspectives and positions, we also acknowledge and celebrate the necessity of differing perspectives and positions for the success of shared goals.  We bring resources and information, advise based on our approach and offer our recommendations. We will be as comprehensive as possible when providing options and alternatives, and ultimately whether or not you agree with each specific recommendation is up to you.

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Cost for audits and advising informed by format, volume of content and depth of material development.