Lift Each Other Up

Feminist networking + art + dancing

Our quarterly networking parties are not your typical networking events! Our conversation prompts are values-based and do NOT include “so, what do you do?” as an option. Come, meet new people, talk about your creative side, your feminist business practices, your sustainable lifestyle tips or favorite feminist historic leader — then enjoy some art and get down on the dance floor!

How it works

The first portion of the evening is broken into 15-minute networking “rounds,” at the end of which we ask you to find a new group or person to swap networking prompts with. This ensures that you meet new people whether you arrive alone or with folks you know already!

The second portion is an art appreciation experience in the adjacent gallery of 3S Artspace.

The third portion: dance party! We hope to get DJ Skooch back for our 2019 events as well!

Stay tuned for a ticket link — mark your calendar now for our next #LiftEachOtherUp event:

March 14, 2019 at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH!