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If you’re writing about us — thanks! We’ve put together this page to help you understand and talk about Feminist Oasis. We’ve also got some FAQs with more information, if you’re interested. Or, just reach out and contact us if you have specific questions. 

Founded in January 2018, Feminist Oasis, LLC is a social enterprise organizing to advance intersectional feminism and promote sustainable work. Feminist Oasis is based in Somersworth, NH and organizes events all over the Seacoast, from Kittery, Maine to Epping NH, and most frequently in Somersworth and Portsmouth.

Feminist Oasis’ mission is to use feminist organizing principles to cultivate feminist community and explore feminist values in action.

We welcome folks of all genders to participate in any of our offerings, including events, resources and memberships.

Our four key areas of focus are: Solidarity, Individual and Collective Resilience, Sustainable Work and Systemic Justice.

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Crystal Paradis

Founder, Feminist Oasis

(603) 205-1561

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