Over 100 of us joined together at 3S Artspace last week for “Local Womxn 250 x 3” — a celebration of local womxn leaders and leaders-to-be — to network, see some great art, and to dance with DJ Skooch. The name for the evening was our goal: 250 womxn for 3 hours, and while we didn’t hit 250, the crowd was absolutely perfect. Big gratitude to event sponsor all + one, and to Allgood Eats Local and STREET / STREET’za for providing a now-legendary spread of food!

For over an hour, we ran through creative networking prompts, designed to spark conversations about values-centric work, feminist art, leadership, personal creative goals and other thought-provoking questions. Every 20 minutes or so, the crowd was encouraged to switch with someone holding a different-colored networking prompt sheet (which had different questions printed on it), and find a new person or group to chat with, with these new questions. Stephanie Cofrin of event sponsor all + one was the networking emcee, letting folks know when we were on to a new round.

At the end of the “speed-networking” rounds, we heard from Stephanie about all + one — and the exciting news that memberships are launching in May! (Stay tuned here: all-plus-one.com)

We then moved into the gallery, where Beth Falconer, Executive Director of 3S Artspace, welcomed everyone to the show “Glass Ceilings: Limitless View.” We spent a few more minutes in the gallery, taking in the art, and were reminded that the gallery was free and open to the public — and this particular show was up for another week or so.

Then it was back into the performance space for some big Feminist Oasis announcements. Myself, Founder Crystal Paradis, and Co-Conspirator Alexandra Bishop, introduced Feminist Oasis, talked about our values, and made the big announcement: Subscriptions & Memberships were now open! (You can view our slides here, if you want to see what we covered.)

We read some Shout-Outs from the bowl where attendees shared projects that they were excited about, and we’d like to share them with you here as well:


  • Lovin’ DJ Skooch

  • Check out the Seacoast Women Business Owner group on Facebook!

  • Shout out to Kim Lindberg… Best creative designer & power house woman!

  • Stout Oak Farm – A look back at the last year in photos.

  • Inspire each other – Encourage each other!


  • JHowe Solutions is open for business! Providing strategy and creative work for businesses! www.jhowesolutions.com

  • Kate & Keith Photography are launching Sustainable Seacoast in MAY! Say no to single-use plastics and support a healthy Seacoast. Be on the lookout for some awesome announcements.

  • Journey Dance: Conscious dance practice – Madeline Gielow

  • Alyssa Wright Consulting: Here’s a badass thing I’m working on: getting more women in the #Seacoast to unleash their full potential as #philanthropists and #fundraisers for #socialchange

  • Phoenix Mayet: The Face of Feminism Now – a photobook featuring portraits of and interviews with Seacoast area feminists in the year after the Women’s March of 2017

  • all + one is opening in June! Memberships go live in May!!

  • Hatch Projects offers full branding packages for small businesses: Hatchprojects.com

  • Avocado Grove Nutrition specializes in nutrition for women using a non-diet, health at every size approach.

  • Looking for design help? Would love to hear from you: kimberlylinbergdesign.com

  • UNH Paul College Holloway Business Competition in May!

  • K & L Photography: Wedding & Portrait photographers – Book a family session & receive 10% off!

  • Have any high schoolers in your life? New Hampshire Teen Institute’s Summer Leadership Program is happening August 12-17th! Visit nhteeninstitute.org or contact Jocelyn Seager for more info!


  • Portsmouth 400 is looking for ideas on how to honor the city’s 400th anniversary

  • Exploring putting together a group trip to an eco-lodge in Belize to learn more about cacao (Enna was this you?)

  • Hi! My name is Samantha Granille and I’m a freelance writer (currently writing a memoir).

  • We are connecting the arts and healthcare and pushing arts venues to be more accessible: Kate, Maine Music & Health

  • Opening a world class photography studio in Portsmouth – Geneve Lumina Life

  • Supporting the arts!

  • Curating a series at the South Meetinghouse looking for people to show off their talent & skills for $$$ to the community! – Roxie Zwieker at 603-343-7977

  • I just quit my job! My communications and storytelling company just launched. Website is 18 hours old. – sterndalestrategic.com

Photos by Kate & Keith Photography

(View all event photos on Flickr) All photos by Kate & Keith Photography


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