Hire Feminist Oasis to speak at your company, class, group or organization.

Looking to bring feminist expertise to your event, speaker series or corporate training program? Choose from the topics below or reach out to discuss development of a custom speaking program that fits the needs of your group.

Current Selection of Workshops

Below are workshops that we have presented and work well as an introduction to feminism and feminist business practices in a company or organization setting.

  • Intersectional Feminism is For Everybody — a high-level intro to feminist history and intersectional feminism
  • Values-Centric Work — Bringing your values into your business’ core messaging
  • How to perform an inclusive messaging audit — updating your organization’s messaging, from employee handbook to social media bios, with inclusive language (see also our auditing services)
  • How your organization can advance systemic justice in your industry — overcoming entrenched business practices, patriarchal models and self-reinforcing biases within your industry to move toward liberating practices and more just work

*Custom workshops + presentations available upon request

How we show up for speaking programs and workshops:

Part of Feminist Oasis’ mission is to explore sustainable models of business and community. Bringing feminist perspectives from these explorations to existing stakeholders and decision-makers across the business community is a critical step in this process.

  • Make it Approachable — Feminism and systemic justice can be daunting topics, so we work intentionally to cover subject matter from an introductory standpoint. When possible, we send out a preliminary survey to gauge audience interest and level of comfort with the material we’re going to cover.
  • Encourage Curiosity — Part of the discussion guidelines that we have established for our events, and that have proven successful when covering topics that can generate a spectrum of opinions and responses is an agreement to show up with curiosity.
  • Have Fun! — We know that a catalyst for deep learning is making connections with each other and the material. We make information memorable by showing up with a sense of humor and building interaction and play into the process.


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Pricing and availability is informed by format, location, length of program and depth of material development.

Speaker & Facilitator — Crystal Paradis

Speaker Bio

Crystal Paradis the founder of Feminist Oasis, a social enterprise that organizes to advance intersectional feminism through spaces and experiences.

Crystal has spoken at numerous marketing summits, political rallies, networking events, activist summits and business forums over the past decade. She has facilitated workshops on communication, intersectional feminism, feminist entrepreneurship, digital marketing, values-centric work, social media marketing, activism and community engagement.

Her passions include writing, community organizing and cultivating feminist leadership. Crystal lives in Somersworth, New Hampshire, where she volunteers as a board member and community advocate with a number of local community groups.

Watch a recent interview with Crystal here.