We are cultivating feminist community, advancing equitable practices and building sustainable alternatives to white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. Woo! Right? But wait — HOW are we doing this, exactly? Good question.

Here are some of the types of spaces & experiences that we’re currently organizing:

** Note: All genders are welcome to all of our events! We encouraging anyone who is curious about feminism and willing to listen and/or respectfully engage, to join us. **

Oasis Experiences — These are super fun experiences to connect feminist-minded folks. This is part of how we regenerate healthy community. We create events that are aligned with our values, are fun to participate in and which facilitate that whole “lift each other up” thing!

Learning Experiences — We regularly organize educational, consciousness-raising groups, panel discussions and community conversations that help us tackle a topic relevant to feminist community, equitable practices or sustainable systemic alternatives. We try to get creative with these events and keep conversations as engaging as possible, as opposed to traditional panel-style lectures.

Actions — We will be regularly publishing action plans containing several different kinds of actions that you can take to help promote intersectional feminism. These may range from talking to your friends, family or coworkers about certain issues, calling or writing your local or federal elected officials on an issue, sharing your story, joining existing aligned community mobilization efforts, educating yourself on a specific topic, word, perspective or history, etc. Some actions may be organized as events. Our subscribers and members will receive companion materials mailed to them upon publication of each new action plan.

Feminist Coworking Sessions / Workshops — Feminist Oasis pop-up coworking sessions and workshop series provide a space where like-minded feminist-aligned entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers and creative folks with flexible work situations can come together, work together, learn from each other in a setting built around feminist business values. These sessions provide a facilitated goal-setting kickoff, a workshop exploring feminist business principles or systemic alternatives, access to our feminist business resource library, focused Pomodoro work cycles, breaks for collaboration and discussion, and a session-ending report on accomplishments. Some coworking series may also offer discounted offerings from our host partners and other perks. Our coworking sessions and workshops, like all of our events, are for all genders.

Book Clubs & Article Clubs — We alternate each month between book clubs and article clubs. (An article club is just like a book club, except there’s wayyy less to read!) Our book clubs rotate with these three categories: modern feminist theory, feminist classics and fiction by women of color. Article clubs might be topical to a current cultural issue, a chapter of a book or other feminist-aligned topics.

Field Trips — We occasionally take field trips to nearby feminist-aligned art exhibits, historical sites centering around a feminist of note, outdoor activity focusing on sustainable practices or other fun things that our region has to offer but that we don’t very often take the opportunity to explore on our own. Fees for these events are typically shared contribution on gas/transportation.