I was recently asked what kind of events we have in the works. It was a great opportunity to share a snapshot of what we’re doing right now, and what we hope to do in the future.

What kinds of events are you planing with Feminist Oasis?

Feminist Oasis events/experiences are a mix of programming: discussions, book clubs, film screenings, parties, etc. Our intent is to host them at various locations around the region. Our first event was in Portsmouth and the next one is in Epping.

The mission is to promote intersectional feminism through experiences and spaces. This first year we are doing it pop-up style around the region to figure out where and what the community needs the most.

It’s not just about experiences. It’s also about spaces.

In addition to fun events, meaningful discussions and shared action plans, we also will be hosting pop-up co-working and collaboration spaces. These will be lightly facilitated co-working sessions for feminist who are currently freelancing or consulting, and who may typically work from home or cafés.

The future vision is a space of our own: part co-working/collaboration space, part event programming/resource center, etc. We want to build alternatives to white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy by demonstrating a thriving economy based in more thoughtful, collaborative, feminist principles.

This is all very new — and it’s still developing. One of the exciting parts about launching Feminist Oasis with the intention of operating the first year in experimentation mode is the challenge and opportunity in creating something fluid, something that responds to input and the needs of the community.

If you have any questions, please ask! We might not have the answer yet, but we’ll respond anyway, and share our vision as it exists right now.

Looking forward to continuing to grow together!



Featured photo by Kate & Keith Photography.