As you may recall, wayyyyy back in the “before times” of January this year, I sent you all a message that for 2020, Feminist Oasis was taking a step back on events and instead focusing on building the framework for our university chapters. On the one hand, it’s lucky that I didn’t start grand plans of continuing our in-parson gatherings, since those would have had to come to a halt along with the rest of the world in March! But on the other hand, universities happened to be one of the many industries this year that were massively disrupted. Like many of you, suddenly navigating survival became my focus for the year. I started working with the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, in addition to some other freelance work, helping to run their Women Run! Program (recruiting and training NH women to run for office) and support their major events, which transitioned online, of course.Early “Feminists, Waffles, Work” participants may recall that over two years ago, in March of 2018, due to a big winter storm, we had to transition online and we experimented with Zoom coworking sessions! Who knew we were so far ahead of the curve on using this platform creatively! This experience certainly served me well in 2020.I’ve received a few inquiries this year asking about what Feminist Oasis was doing — and while my intention every week through this entire pandemic was to find the time and space to send the monthly emails I promised at the beginning of the year, it just never happened. For those who missed those emails or were disappointed not to get them, my apologies. For those who didn’t miss them because you, too, were simply trying to survive an unprecedented historic global catastrophe, know that I was thinking of you and wishing you strength and health and joy. In short — you didn’t miss anything. We’ve been hibernating like so many small businesses, and we’re not yet sure what 2021 will hold for us yet. For anyone who has paid membership dues in 2020 and would like a refund, we will happily send it with no questions asked (just email us with the word “refund”). Either way, anyone who was a member at any point in 2020 will be considered a member through 2021, and we’ll be making a year-end donation to the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire.

2021 Plans So Far

We’ll resume monthly emails around the four feminist principles of Solidarity, Resilience, Sustainability and Systemic Justice; and will host a quarterly gathering, which will likely be either online or outdoors. For Quarter 1, we’ll be directing you all to the 2021 Tea Talks series, taking place Every Sunday February 4th — March 14th, hosted by the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire. Every year we promote this series because it’s one of the richest series of discussions that takes place in the state each year. Here are the dates to save, along with a few speaker announcements:
“We have some great guests lined up for our 2021 Elinor Williams Hooker Tea Talk Series including Lydia Clemmons (February 7), Alayna Dawn Johnson ( February 14), Thomas Moore (February 21), Gretchen Soren (February 28), Renay Allen (March 7) and Jada Hebra (March 14). Stay tuned for more information.” — Black Heritage Trail email newsletter
We’ll host a Zoom discussion group at 2pm on March 21st, the Sunday following the series, after this series to discuss takeaways from any/all of those talks. When we have an update on the student chapter front, we’ll let you know — for now, we’re planning do at least deliver in 2021 what we intended for 2020… and we’ll see where we go from there! Let’s take a collective breath and envision a time when we can all be together in person again soon.Health, safety and joy to you and all of yours. — Crystal Paradis
Founder/Lead Organizer
Feminist Oasis