On February 9, 2019, we held a Community Listening Session at Sue’s in Rollinsford, NH. It was an engaging event filled with conversation, personal stories and breakout circles to discuss feminism in its societal and personal implications.

To close our session, I asked everyone in the circle to share a word or phrase that they thought the world “out there” thought about feminism — and then the word or phrase that best described their own feelings about feminism.

Here were the results:

Feb 2019 — Feminist Oasis Community Listening Session

What do you think others think of feminism?

  • Scary
  • Extremist
  • Skeptic
  • Don’t Want
  • No sense of humor
  • Unnecessary
  • Outdated
  • Served its purpose, now we are post-oppression
  • Exclusionary
  • Crazy

What do you think of feminism?

  • Going to save the world
  • Compassionate
  • Powerful
  • This is the power I feel inside me
  • Full of humor
  • Vital
  • Necessary
  • Perhaps more nuanced
  • Inclusionary
  • Disjointed as a movement

It’s very enlightening to hear what various people of different generations, industries and backgrounds think about feminism. How would you answer these questions? Leave us your answers in the comments below!